Cartridge Filter Manufacturers

Synergy Mechanics offers a complete range:

Of micron filtration products in varied filter bags, standard format cartridges and lenticular element to service a broad array of application. We back each of our products with our age old experience and thorough knowledge of system manufacturing and process experience to provide customers with perfect and complete solution. Our wide range of products ensures we get the desired filter performance at best filtration cost.

Absolute-Rated Membrane Filters:

We provide absolute-rated membrane filters in nylon66, PTFE, Glass Fibre, Polyethersulphone (PES), Halar & polypropylene materials. Our range encompasses of fully certified, integrity-testable 0.2mic. filters for other microbial services and sterile liquid filtration; this also includes particulate filtration from 0.5 to 40 mic. in industry standard code 7 and DOE formats, and lengths, for both prefiltration and final verification. We can also provide these filters in capsule formats. For further information visit for more information.

All-Polypropylene High Efficiency Nominal Filters:

We use food-grade plastic materials to manufacture our all-PP pleated filters which are ideal for the filtration of juices, cosmetics, bottled water, beverages, and liquid orals. Most importantly, wide compatibility enables these filters to be used in the filtration of fine chemicals and APIs. Available in 0.2, 0.45, 1, 3, 5, 10, 20 and 50mic. ratings and lengths of 10” to 40”in both SOE and DOE formats. Moreover, these filters have a staggering 0.57m2 of effective filtration area per 10” element to provide longer life than most competitive products in the market.

Lenticular Filters:

Our Lenticular filters comprise gradient density filter sheets that are compound of the finest charge modified cellulose pulps and filter aids. These filters are produced with a controlled porosity and positive charge (zeta potential / electrokinetic absorption) hence they have a high wet strength, superior throughput capability and excellent retention capacity. They are reliable sources to remove micron and sub-micron particulate, such as gross solids, yeast, bacteria, haze constituents, and colloids on a consistent basis without destroying color, aromas and flavors in beverages and various other liquids. Gradually, these filters increasingly find their applications in chemicals, gelatin, Pharmaceuticals, and dielectric fluids.

Stainless Steel Filters:

Our cleanable filter elements manufactured from a sintered stainless steel tube which come with controlled porosity are ideal for long term use in aggressive or high temperature applications. This is easily available in liquid ratings from 1 to 40mic. in DOE and can be cleaned by ultrasonic, backwashing, and by chemical cleaning agents, users should establish cleaning protocols for best results.

Moreover, these reusable pleated stainless steel filters offer higher area and better flowrates, and are excellent for available in wide range of ratings.

Disc Membrane Holders & Disc Membranes:

Widely popular as used in sterilization, HPLC and fine filtration of small volume Pharmaceutical preparations, our Nylon 66 membranes are naturally hydrophilic. Most importantly, they are durable with a broad chemical compatibility. Available in 0.2 and 0.45mic absolute ratings and in standard sizes of 293mm and 142mm, these membranes can be used with most standard membrane holders. With that production membranes are also available in cellulose acetate for final filtration and in glass fibre for adequate prefiltration.

This range can also be available in syringe filters for QC.

Our range also includes filter housings and a

Variety of depth filter which is suited for the industrial process market including coating and water treatment. This also includes chemicals and paints. The services provided by us also include skid-mounted systems and duplex system in both cartridge and bag filtration formats.

Filter Housings:

Among our services are full range of both sanitary and industrial filter housings in SS 316L and other materials for cartridges and bags. Our housings are quite reasonable, yet meet all the regulatory standards and needs, and are manufactured to provide optimum performance. The customers can get both single and multi-round housings, as well as filter vessels coded to ASME SecVIII.

We also provide non-metallic housings in U-PVC, FRP, and PP, including the jumbo Big Blue filter housing.

All-Polypropylene Melt-blown Filters:

Our all-PP melt-blowns are designed by controlling the diameters of the blown fibres to produce different pore sizes while going through the production process. This enables the retention of contaminants by the depth of the media. All these layers are inter-linked so that they can offer maximum support while ensuring that the high void volume is maintained. The fibre density is increased towards the inside of the media which provides true progressive retention and therefore long filters life. Available in USP Class VI plastic grades spanning removal ratings from 0.5 to 100 mic. nominal and 5 to 40mic absolute, our range includes both Jumbo (also known as Big Blue) and standard sizes from 10” to 40”in both SOE and DOE formats available in Nylon & PP materials.

Wound Yarn Filters:

Our String Wound Filter Cartridges are manufactured to optimize the internal filtration area which would provide true depth filtration. Enhanced graded density design offers low pressure drop, high flow rate, and improved dirt holding capacity. These filters are available in PP, cotton and glass-fibre yarn on PP, tinned steel and SS cores. These filters are actually the workhorse of the Process and the water treatment industry. These filters are available in both standard DOE and Jumbo (Big Blue) format in nominal ratings from 0.5 to 100mic.

Bag Filters:

Our standard felt bags have welded collars hence are used for better resistance to pressure differentials, and are a great option for low cost filtration. These are available in both PP and polyester material in ratings 1,5,10 & 25 to custom ratings upto 200 mic. With choice of PP and polyester material, sizes 7”dia in lengths of 16” and 32” lengths; 4” diameter in 10” and 20”lengths, our range includes NMO (nylon monofilament mesh bags) with ring collars.

Our High Efficiency or HE bags utilize multi-layer melt-blown PP media just to create a depth type filter with built-in prefiltration. These absolute-rated bags deliver a consistent and high efficient performance of filtration for critical applications. These are available in 7” dia with PP collar in single (16”) and double (32”) lengths.