We are one of the leading engineering companies associated with world’s renowned brands. Our promoters and employees are all engineer with collective experience of 200 man years having a very depth knowledge & wide exposure to different process industries.

We are catering to national as well as international clients such as Indian Oil, Biocon, Reliance Industries Ltd, ONGC, etc and we have broad range of customers from different industries. We offer a varied range of micron filtration products in filter bags, standard format cartridges and lenticular element. Synergy Mechanics backs its products with its in-depth knowledge of process experience and system design to provide customers with perfect solution. We provide absolute-rated membrane filters in nylon66, PTFE, Glass Fibre, Polyethersulphone (PES), Halar & polypropylene materials which are fully validated, integrity-testable 0.2mic. filters for microbial services and sterile liquid filtration.

Most importantly all-PP related filters are designed with food-grade plastic material hence they are ideal for beverages, juices, cosmetics, bottled water and liquid orals. Our Lenticular filters assimilate gradient density filter sheets which are which are composite of the finest charge modified cellulose pulps and filter aids. Apart from high wet strength these filters have superior capacity and excellent retention capabilities. Our reusable pleated stainless steel filters offer not only higher area but also better flowrates. These stainless steel filters are also excellent for available in wide range of ratings. Moreover cleanable filter elements manufactured from a stainless steel tube with controlled porosity are ideal for long term use in both aggressive and high temperature applications.

Our sanitary and industrial filter housings in SS 316L and other materials for cartridges and bags are quite popular as they are economically priced and meet all the regulatory standards and requirements. On the other hand, our standard felt bags have been manufactured for better resistance to pressure differentials and is a great option for low cost filtration.

All our products are specially designed to provide optimum performance.


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